Remark! Interpreting | A Day in a Life Of A Typical Interpreting Mentor Session
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A Day in a Life Of A Typical Interpreting Mentor Session

21 Apr A Day in a Life Of A Typical Interpreting Mentor Session

To ensure we maintain high standards, every month the Remark! Interpreting team have a mentoring session.  This alternates between one-to-one sessions and group sessions and is a good opportunity to get together as a team to discuss our practice and reflect on our profession as well as our professionalism.
In addition, we have the privilege of a highly qualified and experienced external mentor who has a wealth of knowledge in the profession who facilitates the sessions and provides guidance.
The mentoring sessions are invaluable as the Intepreting team can learn from their peers, offer team support, and develop a sense of comradery alongside their busy working lives. We also have the opportunity to discuss dilemmas which may have occurred during our bookings which equips us in how to deal with any difficulties which may arise in future.  In addition, we focus on specific skills such as Voice-over, Co-working and Productive skills, to fully maintain our skills ready for the bookings ahead.
Here is a typical Interpreting Mentor Session:
Each Interpreter is removed of all bookings to devote their time to the all-day session.
We arrive at the Remark! offices ready to begin at 10am.
We kick-off with a group discussion on team developments.
We are introduced to the topic for the day, for example: Voice-over.
We discuss the theory behind voiceover and then put this into practice.
We pause for a lunch when we can catch up and have a natter.
After lunch we are given some clips to voice-over in pairs.
We go into separate rooms and then feedback to the group as a whole. Our Mentor also gives us feedback.
We swap clips and also think about how to voiceover for different audiences taking into account lexical choices.
We feedback again as a whole group with Mentor feedback and conclude with a review of the day.
If we aren’t too brain dead, we have a drink at the local pub before heading home .